HTY-102 microbial enumeration tester
    HTY-102 is designed and manufactured for the microbial enumeration test, it is smart and easy to operate, its integrated diaphragm pump could drain directly. So, it doesn’t need filter flask..
    Use S60 microbial enumeration monitor or F47 microbial enumeration funnel to form a membrane filtration system to perform the microbial enumeration tests.
    During the test the sample solutions through the membrane by the suction of HTY-102, the microorganisms will be trapped on the membrane. Then culture them and count the colonies.
    It is ideal system for microbial enumeration test,of purified water,,water for injection (WFI) and other samples.
1.Single pump head, small size, convenient for move;
2.Built-in diaphragm pump, no filter flask, less space occupation;
3.Start button is with indicator, easy to operate;
4.Fit two kinds of pump heads which diameter is 60mm and 47mm;
5.Easily removed and installed pump heads could be sterilized by autoclave sterilizer at 121℃;
6.Pump heads could be quickly disinfected by flame,convenient for continuous operation;
7.Made of mirror polished stainless steel, easy for clean and disinfection..
1. Suitable Consumable: S60 microbial enumeration monitor or F47 microbial enumeration funnel with disc membrane Φ47mm
2. Consumable capacity: 100ml
3. Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz
4. Rated power: 25W
5. Pumping flow rate: ≥1200ml/min
6. Working Noise: ≤60dB(A) (Loading)
7. Weight: 5Kg
8. Dimensions (L×W×H): 16cm×23cm×10cm
9. Drainpipe Specifications: Inner Diameter Φ7mm ~ Φ9mm silicone tube
1.Pharmaceutical industry: the microbial enumeration test for purified water, water for injection, crude drugs, oral liquid, tablets, capsules and biological products;
2.Disease control: the inspection of microorganism colonies and pathogenic microorganism existed in air conditioning condensed water, drinking water and so on;
3.Food and beverage: Microorganism test for, mineral water, purified drinking water and other kinds of beverage;
4.Chemical industry: All kinds of solutions which need microorganism test.