HTY-30B diaphragm pump
HTY-30B is a specialized diaphragm pump designed for microbial limit test, which is  smart, quite and no dead area to clean. It can use together with HTY series microbial enumeration filtration support  and F47 microbial enumeration funnel or S60 microbial enumeration monitor, to carry out high speed filtration and direct draining. It is easy to operate and maintenance. It is the best choice for microbial enumeration test of purified water, water for injection, no precipitate drink and other small molecule solutions which is low viscosity.
1.Built-in micro high quality diaphragm pump, drains directly.
2.Start button is with indicator,easy to operate;
3.Super quiet design, better operational experience;
4.No filter flask, less space occupation, more convenient to use;
5.Made of mirror polished stainless steel,  smooth and clean surface which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection;
6.Used together with microbial enumeration filtration support for microbiological enumeration test.
1.Power supply: AC 220V/50±1Hz
2.Power: 80W
3.Pumping rate: ≥5L/min
4.Noise: ≤ 60dB (A)
5.Dimensions: 22cm× 23cm×12.5cm(L×W×H)
6.Weight: 5kg
7.Liquid inlet/drain pipe specifications: Inner Diameter Φ7mm ~ Φ9mm silicone tube
It can be used tohether with microbial enumeration filtration support for microbiological enumeration test in pharmaceutical, disease control, food, chemical and other fields.