HTY-100 Microbial Enumeration Tester

HTY Microbial Enumeration Test Systems are composed of HTY-100 

Microbial Enumeration Tester and S60 Microbial Enumeration Monitor.

When test samples are injected into microbial enumeration monitor,and

then going  through the vacuum pump negative pressure suction filter

inside or outside the inspection instrument, their microorganisms will

be trapped on the filter membrane. Take off the lifter with the cup puller

and pour the corresponding culture medium on the back (non-bacterial

surface) of the membrane. After the culture medium is solidified, cover

the lid, and a petri dish is formed. Put it into the corresponding constant

temperature chamber culture and count.These systems can be widely

applied in pharmaceutical, disease control, food, chemical industry,

cosmetics and other industries.


1. With built-in vacuum pump and external vacuum pump switching


2. Can be directly poured with solid medium and cultured without

    transferring membrane, relieve the operations of preparing

    dishes and sticking the membrane;

3. Large diameter with a 60mm diameter membrane, more convenient

    for counting the bacterial colony of samples with more of them;

4. The chassis and pump head are antirust, easy to clean.

5. Membrane switch panel is easy to operate to set the time display;

6. pump head can be can be easily reassembled, can carry out 121 ℃

    heat sterilization separately;

7. Pump head can be sterilized by flame rapidly, easy to conduct

    experimental operation continuously;

8. Incubator is equipped with a single aseptic packaging, single-use,

    reducing the large number of experimental preparation

   (washing, sterilization, etc.);


1. Suitable Consumables: S60 Microbial Enumeration Monitor

2. Monitor capacity: 100ml

3. Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz

4. Power: 30W

5. Pumping speed: 25L/min

6. Vacuum: 30KPa

7. Noise: ≤ 65dB (A)

8. Weight: 6kg

9.  Dimensions: (L*W*H)29cm * 20.7cm *16.2cm


1. Pharmaceutical Product: purified water, water for injection, BPC

    oral-take medicine, troche, capsule and biologic product;

2. Disease Control: air-conditioner condensate, all sorts of water form


3. Foodstuff: beverage, mineral water and pure water;

4. Chemistry Industry: water samples from chemical products;

5. Cosmetics: water samples from cosmetic products.