FC50A/FC50B Reusable Membrane Filter

FC50A / B use totally closed membrane filter sections repeatedly, can

be in concert with various HTY intelligent sterility test pump. The test

solution can be filtered through directional motility pressure effect of

HTY intelligent sterility test pump. Micro-organisms of test solution

can be trapped on the membrane.  After filtration, take the repeated

used closed membrane filter apart, remove the membrane to culture

medium. Then detect and count, by this, the need to reduce costs of

microbial detection can be met.


1. Fully enclosed membrane filtration is safe, reliable, and of high

    recovery rate.

2. Easy to disassemble, easy to operate, does not damage the


3. Pressure filtration without adding vacuum pump.

4. Can be repeatedly used, reducing the cost of experiments.

5. Can be combined into a single joint, double, triple use according to

    experimental requirements.


1. Filter diameter:. Φ50mm

2. Membrane pore size: 0.45μm recommended

3. Filter Volumes: 100ml

4. Cup holders, cup material: stainless steel (FC50A) / polymer

    alloy (FC50B)


1. Pharmaceutical Product: purified water, water for injection, liquid

    pharmaceutical ;

2. Disease Control: air-conditioner condensate, all sorts of water form


3. Foodstuff: beverage, mineral water and pure water;

4. Chemistry Industry: water samples from chemical products;

5. Cosmetics: water samples from cosmetic products.

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