F47 Microbial Enumeration Funnel

F47 Microbial Enumeration Funnel can be used in concert withφ47mm

micro-filtration membrane and the corresponding filter supporter or

microbial enumeration tester, to form a microbial enumeration test

system. This system can be widely applied to microbial enumeration

testing for pharmaceutical, purified water,etc. Based on principles of

membrane filtration method, this system separates microbes form the

solution,and trapped the microbes on the filter membrane. Stick the

membrane on the agar culture-medium.Put it under a specific

environment and restore the growth of microbes on the filter.Then count

and identify them when they formed some visible colony.


1. Aseptic packaging, easy to use;

2. With the unique bayonet design, which makes it easy to install and


3. With elastic sealing lower edge, which ensures the integrity of the

    joint with membrane.


1. Membrane Diameter: 47mm

2. Membrane pore size: 0.45μm (as recommend)

3. Funnel Capacity: 100ml

4. Funnel material: PP

5. Funnel scale identification:20ml、 50ml、100ml


1. Pharmaceutical Product: purified water, water for injection, liquid


2. Disease Control: air-conditioner condensate, all sorts of water

    form ecosphere;

3. Foodstuff: beverage, mineral water and pure water;

4. Chemistry Industry: water samples from chemical products;

5. Cosmetics: water samples from cosmetic products.