Microporous Membrane

Microporous membrane is an indispensable consumable for

pharmaceutical microbial test and some small-scale liquid filtration.

Our company now offers a variety of materials. Different diameters and

pore microporous membrane can be used with F47 Microbial

Enumeration Funnel or FC50A/FC50B Reusable Membrane Filter to do

microbial enumeration test; also be used to liquid particulate removal

and bio-burden reduction or even sterilization filter (0.22μm).


1. Reliable quality and stable aperture;

2. Can withstand 121 ℃, 30min moist heat sterilization;

3. With independent non-aseptic packaging and aseptic packaging

    (0.22μm only non-aseptic packaging) for customers’ choice;

4. Strong hydrophilicity, microbial enumeration tester’s membrane

    recovery ratio meets the current pharmacopoeia requirement.


1. Material: MCE, N66

2. Diameter: 47mm, 50 mm

3. Pore size: 0.45μm, 0.22μm

4. Sterilization Method: EO (aseptic membrane), 121 ℃ moist heat

    sterilization (non-aseptic membrane, by the user)

5. Packing: individually wrapped (sterile), blister packing (non-sterile);

    Details as shown in the table: MEmbrane Filter Document