HTY-201 Bubble Point Tester

It is developed by our company independently to test the micro-filtration

membrane,for instance, 0.22μm、0.45μm.0.8μm hydrophilic and oily

microporous membrane filter . It is widely applied by organizations

producing and consuming membranes, and applied to test and control

the membrane quality.



1. Easy to operate;

2. Thermometer can display temperature;

3. Gauge can display the bubble point pressure.


Working principle: bubble point test method

Measuring range: bubble point pressure measuring range :0-0 .6 MPa

Minimum reading: 0.02MPa

Operating pressure: ≤ 0.6MPa

Weight: 6.5kg

Dimensions: (L*W*H)38cm*25cm *14cm


It is suitable to test the maximum aperture of micro-filtration membrane

for the average pore diameter 0.15-8.0μm.