HTY-30A Vacuum Pump

HTY-30A is a specialized vacuum pumps designed for microbiological

test, which is compact, easy to operate, easy to clean and maintain. It

can use negative pressure suction filtration method to conduct

microbial limit test together with HTY microbial enumeration filtration

support; it can also be used as a separate suction device.


1. Button switch with power indicator, easy to operate;

2. display working status in real-time;

3. Ultra-compact design, small footprint;

4. Mirror polished stainless steel enclosure, the surface is smooth,

    easy to clean and sterilize;

5. Can be used in concert with microbial enumeration filtration support;

    also available as a separate suction device.


1. Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz

2. Power: 30W

3. Pumping rate: 25L/min

4. Vacuum degree: 30Kpa (absolute pressure),-70Kpa (relative


5. Noise: ≤ 70dB (A)

6. Weight: 3.5kg

7. Dimensions: (L*W*H)26cm* 15cm*15cm

8. Suction-pipe Specifications: Inner Diameter Φ7mm ~ Φ11mm

silicone tube


It can be used in concert with microbial enumeration filtration support for

microbiological limit test in pharmaceutical, disease control, food,

chemical and other fields.