HTY-303 Microbial Enumeration Filtration Support

HTY-303 Microbial Enumeration Filtration Support is dedicated

laboratory equipment for medicine, water and other samples. PF47

or PS60 pump head is optional as needed, in accordance with funnel

F47 (installing microporous membrane) or S60 Microbial Enumeration

Monitor. Then a complete filtration device is formed. The filtration system

is based on the principle of membrane filtration. This allows trapping

the microorganisms on the filter membrane simply and fast. By

transferring the filter membrane or anti-pouring method, under a

specific environment , culture the microbes on the membrane. Then

count and identify them when they formed some visible colony.


1. Overall sterilization and easy to clean;

2. One host machine can be used in concert with two types of pump

    heads, with more choices and more cost-effective

3. Three filter heads can be controlled separately or simultaneously, the

    test speed is greatly improved, and it is easy to operate;

4. The pump is available for rapid sterilization by flame gun, which is

    convenient to continue the experiment.


1. Suitable Consumables: S60 Microbial Enumeration Monitor and  F47

    Microbial Enumeration Funnel

2. Funnel capacity:100ml;

3. Weight: 3kg (with PF47 pump head), / 5kg (with PS60 pump head)

4. Dimensions: (L*W*H) 40.5cm * 12.5cm *12cm