HTY-300 Microbial Enumeration Filtration Support

Its filter head works together with the microbial funnel, pressing the

membrane tightly to fix. Then a complete filtration device is formed.

Based on the principle of membrane filtration, it separates the testing

solution from the microbe by withholding the microbes on the

membrane. Transfer the membrane under a specific environment and

restore the growth of microbes on the filter. Then count and identify

them when they formed some visible colony .


1. Overall sterilization and easy to clean;

2. Aseptic packaging funnel, easy to use;

3. With three filter heads, the test speed is greatly improved;

4. The unique membrane taking structure, fast and convenient.

5. Flame sterilization can be adopted on the pump head, convenient to

    do continuously experiment


Suitable Consumables: F47/F47-R250 funnel

Applicable Membrane Diameter: 47mm

Weight: 3.5kg

Bracket Material: stainless steel

Dimensions :(L*W*H)370mm*125mm*105mm


1. Pharmaceutical Product: purified water, water for injection, BPC

    oral-take medicine, troche, capsule and biologic product;

2. Disease Control: air-conditioner condensate, all sorts of water form

    ecosphere, Pathogen detection;

3. Foodstuff: beverage, mineral water and pure water;

4. Chemistry Industry: water samples from chemical products;