HTY-302 Microbial Enumeration Tester

HTY-302 Microbial Enumeration Tester is designed and manufactured

in line with the relevant requirements of USP .By matching up dedicated

filter or membrane filter with different pump heads, forming a complete

membrane filtration device. The test solution should be filtered by

membrane filtration in detection.  Trap micro-organisms of test solution

on the membrane. Rinse to remove antimicrobial resistance of the test

solution, and then culture to form visible colonies and count, in order to

detect the bacterial content. HTY-302 Microbial Enumeration Tester

integrated with vacuum pump system, respectively matching two types

of pump heads. It can be used in concert withS60 Microbial Enumeration

Monitor or F47 Microbial Enumeration Funnel (Φ47mm microporous

membrane) for microbial limit testing in the areas of pharmaceutical,

disease control, food, chemical, cosmetics etc.


1. With built-in vacuum pump ,occupied less space of the console;

2. One host machine can be used in concert with two types of pump

    heads, with more choices and more cost-effective

3. Three pump heads can be operated simultaneously which greatly

    improves the efficiency, each pump head can be controlled


4. Mirror polished stainless steel enclosure, the surface is smooth,

    easy to clean and disinfect;

5. Can work continuously without downtime.


1. Suitable Consumables: S60 Microbial Enumeration Monitor, F47

    Microbial Enumeration Funnel

2. Monitor capacity: 100ml

3. Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz

4. Power: 30W

5. Pumping speed: 25L/min

6. Rate of flow (three pump heads work simultaneously, with a pore size

    0.45um MCE membrane):

         F47 Pump> 1000ml/min

         S60 head> 1600ml/min

7. Vacuum: 30KPa (relative vacuum degree: -70 kPa)

8. Noise: ≤ 65dB (A)

9. Weight: 9 kg

1.Pharmaceutical Product: purified water, water for injection, liquid pharmaceutical ;
2.Disease Control: air-conditioner condensate, all sorts of water form ecosphere;
3.Foodstuff: beverage, mineral water and pure water;
4.Chemistry Industry: water samples from chemical products;
5.Cosmetics: water samples from cosmetic products.